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Fall 2017

With the change of seasons most pest control companies see a spike in calls for mice.  Homeowners are more likely to see mice this time of year following their fall migration indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter.  An Adult mouse will have 6-10 litters per year with an average of 6 to 8 young per litter.  The gestation period is between 18-21 days making this pest one that can grow in as little as a few weeks.  The greatest economic loss is not due to how much they will eat, but what must be thrown out because of damage or contamination.  Food, clothing, furniture, books and many other household items are contaminated by their droppings and urine, or can show damage by their gnawing.  Mice can also transmit diseases, most notably salmonellosis (bacteria food poisoning) when food is contaminated with infected rodent feces. 

There are many over the counter products homeowners can buy to help in controlling this pest.  Snap traps, glue boards, bait boxes, live traps and many more.  The biggest mistake someone makes is underestimating how much product to use.  Mice are nibblers and may make 20-30 visits to different food sites each night.  They are very curious and will explore many areas of a room like a kitchen in a given evening.  So in some cases, homeowners do not have much success when they place a trap or two out for control.  And let's be honest, the biggest issue with controlling mice is a homeowner just does not want to have to deal with it because it makes them uncomfortable.  Prevention Pest Control can handle this problem for you.  Performing an exterior inspection to make sure all entry points are closed is the first step in a successful service.  Second, using the correct amount of product and surveying the home for droppings or mouse evidence is key.  Lastly if the home has an attached garage that needs to be addressed too.  The pictures below show of a homeowner's garage after a long winter.  They did not know they had a mouse issue until springtime when their lawn mower would not start.  After taking it apart, they found that mice had nested in the engine over the winter.  They are now quarterly customers of Prevention Pest control and this will not happen again.  Give us a call at 234-571-1203 with we can solve your rodent problem today.


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