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I started in this field over 20 years ago with a national firm.  I was trained in a couple of weeks and started as a residential account manager.  Inspecting homes and offering our services was my job on a daily basis.  I was fortunate because I had a great relationship with a technician that serviced my area.  I had the opportunity to do service work with him in those early days and learned about the relationship between the customer and a good service technician.  The technician is the face of the company - if they are good at what they do, then the company has a great reputation.  If they are terrible, the opposite is true.  I left my position as sales manager with that national company in the late 90's to take the same position with a smaller, local company.  During these years I made hundreds of loyal customers who would always know where to call when they needed something.  That reliability led to commercial accounts adding other locations and asking if I would do the service in the beginning until things were under control.  Customizing effective programs has become one of my strongest traits. 

So why start a new pest control business?  I believe that what makes a company great is its relationship with it's customers.  It sounds old fashioned, but most service companies were better back in the day of establishing a personal relationship with their customers.  Today our definition of a good relationship with a business is totally different.  Some of us know a good auto mechanic and would refer them to a friend.  We normally at some point say something like "take your car to this guy he has never taken advantage of me".  Really?  Has the bar become so low that as long as we have not been taken advantage of we consider that good service?  When did things change like that?  I would rather hear a statement like "I have trusted this person to look after my car many times. They only recommend fixing things on my 10 year old vehicle that are necessary and make sure I am safe on the road".  I believe in doing business like they did back in the 50's and 60's.  Where a hand shake and looking someone in the eyes meant something.  It is that personal contact that makes Prevention Pest Control different from others.  When someone has a serious pest problem, we use the best products to treat your home - even if they are more expensive.  You get our 20 years of experience and knowledge when you need it the most.   Being a smaller firm provides better quality control and you will always be able to speak to me when you have a problem.

Dave Novak